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This free household service is run by volunteers.  The range of the survey is such that in 2011, we have launched a dedicated website just to help people reduce the energy loss in their home, and also looking at more sustainable ways of travelling and working.
Although many people are now aware of at least some of the things they can do to improve the energy effeciency of their homes, the new website will give you a better idea of what it really means, where to go for more information and some idea of which things are the most affordable and simple to do.
Mrs. Chris Chappell. 01420 544422

Increasing Home Insulation

The aim of the project is to enable more homes to be effectively insulated, significantly reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.
A high proportion of CO2 emissions arise from UK homes: 28% of the UK total CO2 emissions arise from residential energy consumption; 35% from businesses and 27% from transport.
There are significant gains to be achieved from increasing home insulation. It is estimated that if ten homes reduced their energy consumption by 10%, through better insulation, this would save 6,000 tons of CO2 every year. (Ref Energy Savings Trust EST)
Most homes built before the mid 70’s were built with inadequate insulation. They may or may not have a cavity in the brick walls and were built with no loft insulation. As 35% of heat is lost through the walls of a home and 25% through the roof, the extra heating required to bring the rooms up to a reasonable temperature in winter is significant. A report for London (Lagging Behind, Dec 08) showed that 2.5 million homes were in need of cavity wall insulation and 1 million in need of loft insulation. At the current rate of take-up it will take 65 years to fully insulate all homes!
According to data collected from the 2001 census, there could be over 300 homes in Alton in fuel poverty (defined as 10% of household income spent on home heating and hot water) and 60 in the Holybourne and Froyle ward. (Ref: Centre for Sustainable Energy). We cannot fail to support those most in need.